Communote for Project Management

Communote for Project Management

Projects teams usually have to handle a large amount of information. Also, the team members often work in different locations and sometimes do not know each other very well. That is why it can be hard to build a common understanding of the tasks or to achieve team spirit. This is where microblogging steps in. In writing and reading many small and informal information snippets your team members have an “I-am-near-by” experience and will be aware of what theire colleagues are doing.

We collected a number of other arguments for the use of Communote as project management tool in the following table:

Transparency In using microblogging the whole project and its processes become transparent for the team, the manager and other stakeholders. You have access to the informal communication of team members and therefore it is possible to anticipate chances/risks or good/bad developments much earlier.
Speed Because of the transparency every team member is aware of problems or change requests and can therefore act fast and early.
Self-organisation Communote supports self-organisation in project teams. Because every important information is available via the microblogging platform, all team members or sub-projects can plan their activities on an up-to-date information base. This frees the project manager from many of the coordination tasks.
Mobility Communote comes with a mobile client. Using this you can send postings via mobile phone or PDA. This integrates travelling team members in the project’s information flow.
Documentation If you use Communote for your project communication you seamlessly write a project history (like a project diary). And: you do not only document facts but also the underlying decision processes.
Networking Microblogging supports networking. Open your project microblog to the whole company and you will discover valuable hints from colleagues addressing your problems or risks.

At Communardo the  microblog has become a most important means of communication for many projects. In one of the following blog posts we will explain how to use Communote in projects and how this changes the team communications within projects.

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  • communote

    New blogpost on the benefits from using microblogging for project communications.

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    11. Mai 2009 at 22:41
  • rickmans

    Communote for Project Management

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    12. Mai 2009 at 08:24

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