Current Status of Development

Current Status of Development

The main features of Communote have been implemented for quite some time now. We are excited about the improvements in our own communication behaviour because of our internal use of Communote for the last 3.5 months now. And there is a successful beta test running. Naturally, all this activity has  brought up quite a number of issues, bugs and new ideas. Thank you all so much for your helpful comments. Our development team “kenmei” has been busy working on these issues during recent weeks. There is this stage in every software development process and now we are right into it. As we want to present a robust and well-tested final product to our costumers it will take a few weeks more.

Furthermore, we are about to finish a major development step for Communote. Very soon, you will be able to register for an enterprise account of communote that provides your company or team with your very own, totally separated installation of Communote. Also, development of the Communote mobile client and XMPP interface implementation is making good progress. Please stay tuned for more news about this topic.

As the technical development goes on we are going to increase our community activities. For this reason there will be more blog postings and twitter updates. You can reach me as your community manager also via email to martin(at)

There was a valuable feedback last week via Twitter that our beta testers feel lonely. The background for this is the deactivation of public (visible/writable to all) postings by default for security reasons. Now we have at least one public microblog with introductions and hints in the beta testing zone. Beside of that we are working on a demo version with real-life use cases inside.

Finally we are working on website improvements. Very soon, registering with Communote will become easier and there will be a convenient way to send feedback to the team.

This is how Communote looks like:

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  • Roland Hesz

    I like the cowboy synonym. Although, I am pretty sure that the real cowboys had strict procedures, cattle are prone to wander off either with help or on its own if you are disorganized. 🙂

    As for the general Agile practice, I think here you can find some explanation: Dilbert on Extreme and Agile Programming

    This comment was originally posted on Fractured Bloughts

    27. Februar 2009 at 22:44
  • Arpad

    On one of the Microsofrt conferences the key speaker asked the auidence (mostly developers) who uses a standard methodology and who has some home-brewed.
    Approximately one-third followed a standard, one-third had own methdology, and the rest had probably nothing.

    The question is very good, i also wouldnt go to a company without a formal method for development. Especially if the PM happy with this. Usually the developers are against a method and the PM who can enforce it.
    Developers tend to develop on their own way, they get upset if somebody wants to tell them how to do programming.
    (I guess he wasn’t a real PM, just a fake one)

    But you MUST have a method, even if the folks don’t like it. If you don’t have starndards and you don’t document, then your project will fail.
    Even if the project starts as small, there is a chance that it grows, you add a few more developers to the project, and then all will collapse because of the lack of procedure and documentation.

    It is funny you mentioned agile development. When people don’t want to follow formal method, they claim they prefer agile development. But what they are really doing is cowboy programming.

    This comment was originally posted on Fractured Bloughts

    27. Februar 2009 at 22:44

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